With the second semester of my sophomore year quickly coming to an end my thoughts are shifting towards summer. To kick off my summer break, I will be taking a week long trip to Trinidad & Tobago! Having thoroughly googled EVERYTHING the beautiful island destination has to offer I am ecstatic about my trip. The culture and the traditions there seem to be very rich and unique and I can not wait to delve into them.

This will be my first official blog and I hope to use it to cover the travels I do in the near future. On a side note, it seems appropriate that Trinidad & Tobago is my first destination because the colors of the flag are red and black and the name of my blog is “Dawg Trekker.” Stay tuned! (and Go Dawgs!)


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2 responses to “Sophomore-itis?

  1. It’s great to see that you’ve started blogging. I added your link on the VC blog. Looking forward to regular updates.EJ

  2. Go Jason…I’m enjoying your blog, I am envious of your trip…thanks for sharing your trip with us…

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