San Diego: Beaches, Babes and New Homes

After living in the same home for 12 years I expected moving clear across the country into a new house to be a little bit of an adjustment for me. But after checking out the new place and seeing all of the sights and sounds of San Diego I’m starting to feel right at home.
(The new house in SD!)
(View from the back porch. Looking down into a canyon right in our backyard and mountains in the distance.)

With the promise from our new neighbors of seeing the “most beautiful girls in southern California” we made our way to the beach! After a late start and running a few errands we did not actually get to the beach until early evening which is normally fine in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. However in San Diego that was a mistake.

When we arrived at the beach at around 6pm it was packed. People were everywhere laying out, surfing, and just playing in the water. Being a somewhat overcast day I expected the water to be a little cold, but it was absolutely freezing! The water was frigid and once you got out of the water the air around you was arctic. Needless to say I didn’t stay in the water very long. But once I dried off and put on some clothes on I realized that most San Diegans were better prepared than me. Everyone at the beach was wearing hoodies and they started to huddle around bonfires. My first experience in the Pacific Ocean might have been a little more enjoyable if I had adequately prepared, to say the least.
(Overcast day at the beach.)

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