San Diego: Better Late Than Never

It’s a few months after my initial visit to the west coast and I am just now getting around finishing up my last blog post. But better late than never, right?
Coming from the humid, Georgia summer one thing that shocked me was the moderate climate in San Diego. In the middle of the summer the temperature on beach in the early evening was cold enough that everyone on the beach was wearing hoodies and huddling around bonfires! Definitely wasn’t expecting that…
(Mission Beach)
San Diego is home to Balboa Park, the nation’s largest urban cultural park. The 1200 acre park houses 15 museums, renowned performing arts venues, theaters, shops, restaurants, gorgeous gardens, and the world famous San Diego Zoo.
(Botanical building)
Being the history nerd that I am and having volunteered for three years at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History I had to check out San Diego’s Natural History Museum for a comparison. The main attraction at the museum was definitely the Bodies exhibit temporarily on display. It gave a fascinating in-depth look into the marvels of the human body and all of its systems. The permanent exhibits in the museum were slightly sub par with what I was familiar with from Fernbank, but they were still definitely worth a look.
(S.D. Natural History Museum)
With my first southern California adventure wrapped up, I look forward to being able to visit my family here for some time. The scenery in the region is gorgeous with huge canyons and towering mountains in the distance. The people all seem nice and welcoming and there is a sense of happiness in the air.

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