"Don’t Just Go…L.E.A.D.!"

(Table Mountain -GlobalLeadProgram.org)

This summer I’m getting the opportunity of a lifetime to go on a study abroad trip to Cape Town, South Africa!  Since South Africa is hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup everyone who is anyone (including me!) will be in the country!

I’m really excited because the Global L.E.A.D. program that I am participating in is the most comprehensive study abroad program I’ve ever seen.  LEAD is an acronym for Leadership, Education, Adventure, and Diplomacy and part of the program is dedicated to each of the ideals.

From cage diving with Great White Sharks to the world’s largest bungee jump to renovating a run down school and meeting with local children to meeting with Nelson Mandela’s cellmate and other world class leaders to an African safari to touring wine country and the garden route to hiking mountains this program literally has it all.  (Sorry if your a stickler for grammar, because clearly I’m not! haha but you get the point! I’m excited!)

The hardest part of this whole thing is trying to concentrate in school until May when I know I have all of this to look forward to!  But only 3 more months I guess…

(On safari – GlobalLeadProgam.org)
(Winery just outside of Cape Town -GlobalLeadProgram.org)


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