Going Back to Cali!

Inflight internet is best invention since 1903 when the Wright bros invented the airplane itself!  I’m sitting here at 10,000 ft in a cramped coach seat and absolutely no room for my 6’5 legs but the internet is making this 4 hour flight FLY by (pun intended)!

Headed back to southern California to visit my family for Spring Break and this time I brought some roommates/friends!  We plan to hit up the beach in San Diego for a few days and then take a day trip to LA to see some more Cali sights and sounds.

This will be my fourth trip back to back to Southern Cali and I’m more excited than ever, I think LL Cool J said it best in Going Back to Cali:  “Going back to Cali, stylin, profilin. Growlin, and smilin, while in the sun”

(@ Hartsfield-Jackson Intl Airport waiting on the flight)
Look out during the next week for some new blog posts from LA, San Diego and Southern Cal!!!!!!

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