‘A’ is for Adventure!

With my first full week in Africa completed it’s almost impossible to sum up everything that has happened in one blog post but I’ll try! Our first week in South Africa was dedicated to adventure.  We travelled the country seeking thrills and conquering fears.  My group travelled the country going from city to city hitting up South Africa’s best adventure sites.  We spent all day adventuring and spent the nights in some amazing hostels with great views.

Adventure Week = Shark Diving + Zip Lining + Worlds Highest Bungee Jump + ATV Four Wheeling tour + Safari + Elephant Rides + Caving + more!

Animals were a big theme of this trip.  I got more up close and personal with some dangerous animals than I could ever imagine.  Between diving with sharks and getting surrounded by a herd of elephant on safari I definitely got my fill of wild animals!

South Africa has some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen.  Driving around the country gave me a new appreciation for the beauty of the continent.  My pictures don’t even do the country justice but I’ll put them up anyway.

(Click pics to enlarge!)

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