Happy Star Wars Day!

Just landed at JFK International in NYC for a 7 hour  layover before jetting off to Greece.  To keep my sanity I purchased some WiFi and stumbled across #StarWarsDay on twitter. “May The 4th Be With You.” Here’s my favorite Super Bowl commercial from this year that is surprisingly appropriate:

HIGH: I’ll be in Greece in about 16 hours!

LOW: I’ll be missing Cinco de Mayo in the states. (Hopefully we’ll find some Mexican/Latin food though!)


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2 responses to “Happy Star Wars Day!

  1. Hannah

    the mexi good in glyfada is subpar at best–would recommend celebrating with pecatti’s sangria instead!

  2. We went to Vamos Amigos near that little kids park just because it was Cinco de Mayo and they actually asked us what Cinco de Mayo was. Not your typical Mexican experience. But the Margs helped and Pecatti’s was amazing! Definitely looking forward to going back!

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