Happy Star Wars Day!

Just landed at JFK International in NYC for a 7 hour  layover before jetting off to Greece.  To keep my sanity I purchased some WiFi and stumbled across #StarWarsDay on twitter. “May The 4th Be With You.” Here’s my favorite Super Bowl commercial from this year that is surprisingly appropriate:

HIGH: I’ll be in Greece in about 16 hours!

LOW: I’ll be missing Cinco de Mayo in the states. (Hopefully we’ll find some Mexican/Latin food though!)



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House at the Lake

I’ve always been a beach house kinda guy but after a few days at the lake I definitely could see why you’d vacation there.  I spent a weekend in the mountains at Lake Rabun in north Georgia and it was fantastic.  You really have the feeling that you’ve escaped from the world.  Not having a computer or phone (thanks AT&T) was actually really freeing.  Getting away from the hustle and bustle  of college life was a good for a weekend.

I decided that I should end every blog post with ‘Highs’ and ‘Lows’ from the trip/experience.

HIGH: I got to meet some of the amazing people I’m going to be spending the summer with in Europe.  The LEAD Greece crew is legit, to say the least and I’ll be jetting off there in less than 3 weeks!

LOW: These little black dots are popping up on my pictures.  I might need to call Canon about this…

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The Final Countdown

Well probably not the final countdown, but that just has a nice ring to it.  A quick check of Delta Airlines and I got a nice little surprise.  They’re counting down the days until my next flights for me:

5 days until San Diego!

56 days until Greece!

2011 is really turning into a crazy adventure for me and I couldn’t be more excited! This semester seems to be flying by so I’m definitely glad I made the decision to graduate in December.  My “cool down” lap in the race to get a college degree will definitely be necessary.  I’m not ready for this world-wind journey in Athens to be over yet!

In honor of the Lakers win in Phillips Arena this week and my flight to LAX next week I’ll leave this post off with a little Randy Newman.  They play this after Kobe gets a win in the Staples Center…

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California Dreaming…

There are only about 2 weeks left until spring break and I can’t wait to hit up Cali again!  As mid-terms approach, school and work are starting to pile up but all I can think about is returning to the West Coast.

It seems like everywhere I turn California is calling my name.  The Oscars are on tonight and my friend Blake is on the Red Carpet as a finalist in MTVu’s Correspondent Contest.  After being in So Cal for a summer and doing some entertainment news work with my internship I can’t help but look at the Oscars with a different light.

My co-workers are flying to LA this week with the UGA Gymnastics team.  The Gymdogs are competing against the defending national champion UCLA team next weekend.  It will definitely be a big meet for the girls in Cali.

My other calling to California is this commercial that seems to be playing on repeat these days.  If this doesn’t make you want to go to California, something is wrong with you..

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30 before 30

A recent conversation with my buddy Carey Clinton sparked a new Bucket List item I’d like to check off.  At the end of this year Carey will have been to 30 different countries in his 30 years.  I’d love to be able to do this and maybe more in the next few years!  Anyone want to travel to a couple of countries with me?! 🙂

Here’s my list so far:



3. South Africa

4. Spain

5. Gibraltar

6. Morocco

7. Jamaica

8. Trinidad & Tobago

9. Bahamas

10. Grand Cayman

This summer I’m working in/adventuring through Europe.  So hopefully I’ll also be able to check off GREECE, Italy, France, Portugal (and maybe the Vatican and Monaco) if everything works out!  Also on my short list of places to go is South America.  That’s one area of the world I’d really love to go explore! Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and Colombia would be incredible places to check out.


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Heel Country

Chapel Hill, North Carolina is a beautiful city.  It has great mixture of old and new that flows seamlessly together.  The University of North Carolina campus reminds me a lot of North Campus at UGA.  As the 2nd oldest public school in the country you can see a lot of similarities with Georgia.

The basketball culture in Chapel Hill is incredible the town bleeds Carolina Blue (which apparently is different from Baby Blue).  It would be a lot of fun in the spring to go to a big basketball school (even though they lost to Duke this week).  I guess the emphasis isn’t placed on football at all since we did a mini photo shoot on the 50 yd line of Kenan Memorial Stadium (wouldn’t happen at Sanford Stadium).

I definitely felt right at home at UNC.  You could feel the parallels between the Chapel Hill campus and Athens.  These are easily two of my favorite college towns.  Such rich history, tradition, and culture at both universities.

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Athens Senior Bucket List

“There’s a saying in Georgia: If you lead a good life and say your prayers, when you die you’ll go to Athens.” -Princeton Review

My college career is rapidly winding down and I’m starting to reflect on everything I’ve been blessed to be able to do in Athens and everything that I still want to accomplish before graduation.  With less than a year left until commencement (Save the date, Dec. 16th 2011!) I might as well get started now!  I stumbled upon the BBC’s 50 Things To Do Before You Die List and it got me interested in creating a UGA bucket list.

Here’s my Senior Year Bucket List so far (feel free to send me suggestions/additions for the list):

1. Have a drink at every bar in downtown Athens
2. Run the bases at Foley Field
3. Make a basket at Stegeman Coliseum
4. Run the end zone at Sanford
5. Jump into the foam pit at the Suzanne Yoculan Gymnastics Center
6. Ring the Chapel Bell
7. Take a picture under the Arch in cap and gown
8. Take pictures with the Bulldog Statues
9. Complete Pauley’s “Around the World Beer Challenge”
10. Float the Broad River
11. Get a picture with the Iron Horse
12. Frisbee/Study/Nap on North Campus
13. Read a book under the Tree That Owns Itself
14. Go on a sorority Date Night, Formal, Sporting event and Philanthropy event
15. SNELL-abrate! (Eat breakfast at the dining hall after 12am)
16. Go to a local band’s concert
17. Go to at least one of every NCAA sporting event at UGA
(List is still in progress…I’d love to hear some more ideas!)

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