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Southern Gentlemen in Southern California

The ink was still wet on my University of Georgia diploma as I drove out of Athens on the way to California.  It felt like a scene out the of The Beverly Hillbillies (see video below).  We loaded up a Toyota 4Runner and the biggest trailer U-haul makes to the brim with all our worldly possessions.  My new roommate and road dawg Blake and I were in for a long 5 day trek across this beautiful country.  The trip might not have lasted 5 full days if the trailer didn’t shake violently when we drove faster than 55 mph.

Being broke, jobless college grads we picked our route to the west coast based on friends and family along the way with free places to sleep and hot meals.  The first road block we faced on the way to the our first night in Baton Rouge was a late start.  4 hours, 2 trailers and 1 insane Tetris-like loading job later we were off.  Unfortunately the late start and the slow trailer driving had us arrive a little after 4am in Louisiana completely exhausted.  The next day we headed out  with our stomach’s full of gumbo and the gas tank on F.

Next we breezed through Dallas, Albuquerque and Phoenix seeing the way more of this country than I ever expected.  Since the award season in LA is in full force and I’m already for the 2013 Oscars I’ll give out a few awards for the trip:

Best Scenery Award – New Mexico/North Arizona. – The snow on the ground was a perfect accent to the scenic mountains and pristine forests.

Worst Scenery Award – In case you’re wondering there is NOTHING scenic about the drive between Dallas and New Mexico.  That drive had some of the worst sights and smells (there are some pretty foul smelling cattle farms) I’ve encountered in this country.

Best Meal: Homemade Gumbo from the Karam family. Uh-Maze-Ing.

Worst Meal: Half of a bag of sunflower seeds I found under the seat somewhere in Texas.

2,468 miles later we pulled up to the new place in SoCal ready for some great adventures!

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California Dreaming…

There are only about 2 weeks left until spring break and I can’t wait to hit up Cali again!  As mid-terms approach, school and work are starting to pile up but all I can think about is returning to the West Coast.

It seems like everywhere I turn California is calling my name.  The Oscars are on tonight and my friend Blake is on the Red Carpet as a finalist in MTVu’s Correspondent Contest.  After being in So Cal for a summer and doing some entertainment news work with my internship I can’t help but look at the Oscars with a different light.

My co-workers are flying to LA this week with the UGA Gymnastics team.  The Gymdogs are competing against the defending national champion UCLA team next weekend.  It will definitely be a big meet for the girls in Cali.

My other calling to California is this commercial that seems to be playing on repeat these days.  If this doesn’t make you want to go to California, something is wrong with you..

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“You Can Travel the World… But Nothing Comes Close to the Golden Coast!”

I hate to say it but Katy Perry knew what she was talking about when she said, “You can travel the world, but nothing comes close to the Golden Coast!”  After a summer in San Diego, Southern California definitely has a special place in my heart.  I can easily see my self moving to California at some point after graduation.  San Diego is such an incredible city I’m already starting to miss it (especially the cool Cali weather!).

The craziest thing I experienced during this trip to Cali was Comic-Con.  I had absolutely no idea what to expect at the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 but the closest thing I could compare it to is the Georgia-Florida Football Weekend (“The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail  Party”).  It is 140,000+ costumed fans running around San Diego for 4 days!  Comic-Con is interesting because anyone involved in the comic book, video game, and/or entertainment industry comes out to release their new products to the world.  My favorite part was seeing some of the red carpet celebs.  After grossly miss-using my press pass I was able to see Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens, Wesley Snipes, and Draco Malfoy (aka Tom Shelton) among others.  It was really cool to have Angelina Jolie, Will Ferrel, Michael Cera, Seth Green, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis all come in for the convention.  I definitely wasn’t expecting celebrities to come out for this event but I was pleasantly surprised.  Comic-Con is a BIG deal, apparently.

I got to go to the convention because I was interning for the summer at a SoCal TV station.  I worked with San Diego 6-The CW (XETV) on their morning show, San Diego Living.  This summer definitely opened up my eyes to the California job market so it was great to get some experience out on the West Coast.  Maybe I’ll be living the dream in LA someday…

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