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Santorini: Round 2!

When you watch a movie set in Greece and you see the amazing views, blue domed buildings, and stunning sunsets you are taking a glimpse at Santorini!  It’s hard to find a more beautiful place in the world.  Walking down the streets of the Town of Oia which boasts the “most beautiful sunset in the world” you have to pinch yourself and realize that you truly are in paradise.

There’s no doubt why it’s one of the most visited places in Greece.  The gorgeous red and black sand beaches, powerful volcano, and picturesque towns scattered atop magnificent cliffs make it a truly remarkable place.  Santorini inspired Jules Verne’s “20,000

Leagues Under the Sea” and has ties to the fabled city of Atlantis.

Since one of the themes of my trip is “Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone” I decided to take advantage of some of the unique opportunities that Santorini had to offer.  Like cliff jumping into the Mediterranean (see pics below), hiking an active volcano, and riding a donkey up from the old port to watch the world famous sunset, just to name a few.

HIGH: This is an incredible place to end on for my epic adventure through Greece.  It’s one of those places you will never forget.

LOW:  This blog post is a bit rushed because I still need to pack and get ready to fly to Rome in the morning.  But nevertheless Santorini has to be one of my favorite places in the entire world!  (Hopefully these pictures are worth 1,000 words.  *Courtesy of BA’s BA camera)

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Don’t Just Go…LEAD!

Just received one of the best Christmas presents ever! I found out I was selected to be the Assistant Director of the Global LEAD Greece program this summer!  I’m so honored and blessed to be able to take a leadership role with this organization this summer.  Since I found out about my new internship all I’ve been able to do is look at pictures from previous trips.

I’m amazed by the beauty of Greece.  It looks picture perfect and stunning.  I can’t wait to get the opportunity to trek through this new country and find out more about Greek culture.  Sailing the Greek Isles and exploring the Mediterranean will be a blast as well.  Indulging in some Greek food is also pretty high up on my to-do list.

I’m excited to be a part of the Global LEAD family and ready for summer because I know that LEAD Greece is going to be the best program yet!

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